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 Clan rules* English

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PostSubject: Clan rules* English   Sun Jan 21, 2018 6:17 pm

1.- A member is not discriminated against because of its race, belief, culture or sexual preferences. We all deserve the same respect and that is a unique key to achieving good coexistence between the clan. 
2.- You will use your tag at all times, on our server or other servers. Tag exceptions are only allowed to members who play in a cyber cafe or if a senior administrator gives them permission to temporarily withdraw for certain reasons.
3.- You will use anticheat at all times in or out of our server. Preferably it is requested anticheat AC the FP is already overrated.
4. You will not use cheats or some cheating software that gives you the advantage of other players. 
Traps include:
- GNA Bot
-Among others
5.- You will respect all members of the clan, and even members of other clans. You will avoid conflicts between members of the same clan or members of other clans. Any conflict will be notified in the forum and wait for the response of your superiors in order to carry out an action that can harm you.
6.- You will not take your own action without first consulting with your superiors, this includes giving BAN to a user or member. This also includes the withdrawal of administrators to members. Before taking action make sure you take tests so you can validate your arguments.
7.- The Multi clans are not allowed.
8.- Try to stay active at the minimum forum twice a week or on a minimum server 3 times a week. In case of absence you must report it immediately in the forum.
9.- You will not accept and not recruit people who are not first registered in the forum.
10. Do not participate in a scrim without anticheat, our motto is fair play and we must hold that image with our challengers. Preferably it calls for all members to go play scrim AC use, as well as enter into an scrim without all users carry a suitable anticheat obviously this last point depends on the point of view of managers.
11. During the scrims, keep the insults to a minimum. Playing without being insulting is more effective than playing insulting and distracting other members. Try to play as a team and have good communication during the time of departure.
12. As exemplary member, will wait as long as necessary or already registered for delivery forum administrators. blind you not asking administration earlier than planned, with that only will you win a conflict with enormous consequences.

13.- will not abuse your power with users or members of the clan.
14.- You allow all users on the server to play, try not to leave locked computers or sending people to make a scrim when the server is full. Our server to be seen as a good place to play you have to make exceptions so that everyone can play and have fun.
15. Thou shalt not bear BANNED without putting a reason, you are not allowed to put as a reason an insult or something like that, you should put the why was the ban.
16.- administrators do not retire unless they are very necessary.
17. Stick to use SPAM on our server. Users do not bother telling them as spammer messages inviting them to go to another server if you want to play on other servers nobody stopping you, but let our server has no reputation keeping active and inactive.
18. Do not give a bad image to the server with negative comments on the issue of LAG, if you have problems with LAG check the power of the internet or the ability of your computer is not showing every opportunity you have to say it has LAG. Use all the resources needed to control their LAG as putting RATE 25000 or Snaps 40.
19. Try to use VOTE option to decide in a democratic and civilized manner something.
20. Do not allow users to enter the server Nomás do SPAM, or simply come to annoy other players with lewd comments from our server.
21. Remember that BANNED is our last option, it must first rule give 3 Kicks before giving BANNED.
22.- The Subnetban is when you already gave BANNED a user for X or Y reasons, and still continues to enter the server by relaxation.


23. Do not post violent, aggressive, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, hateful, threatening, sexual or any other issues that may violate any applicable laws messages.

24.- not post messages inciting or evocation of illegal practices.

25.- not post information from another website without verifying whether I have the right to do so. Putting the site address to respect the work of managers!

26.- Open a topic once. Repeat the same message is useless and unpleasant.

27. Make an effort in spelling and grammar. The SMS style is not accepted!

28.- Respect publications published in this forum.

29.- accept the ideas and arguments of the other members of the clan.

30.- Respect the chat or guild chat, ie using or sending messages with pornographic material is strictly prohibited. Like sending content with insults or any other phrases that may offend other members.

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Clan rules* English
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