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PostSubject: ~|XS|`SERVER RULES   Sun Dec 17, 2017 4:45 pm

These are the basic rules that you must follow as a user to be able to play on our server ~ | XS | ' SERVER:
1. Respect:

Something very simple, if you want respect, respect you first, do not make unpleasant comments of our users, members or administrators.

Report abuses of administrators in:

2. Follow the instructions given by the administrators:

Very easy, while you are playing on our servers follow the instructions given by the administrators, enter with Anticheat AC to avoid conflicts or possible reprisals about you. Respond to the calls of attention of the administrators, if they ask you to go by anticheat do it otherwise they will be given Kick of the server until you enter with.

3. Use of cheats:
Do not, if you discover it will give you banned of the server, play in a clean way without tools that give advantage of other players. Traps include:

-WallHack (Wh)
-Aimbot (Ab)
-GNA Bot

4. Use of spam in the chat:

We don't mind other clans playing on our servers, it's about fun, and numbers of people. but we will not tolerate other clans initiating, advertising their website and recruiting, while visiting our servers, if your clan is caught, doing any of the above, you and your buddies will be banned.
ALL FOR FUN! Very Happy
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